DIY Backyard Inspo For The Summer

If you’re looking for a great way to get the fun going this summer, DIY backyard games are a great option to have easy and fun entertainment all party long! Whether you’re looking for personalized decor, an opportunity for friendly competition, or something to keep your kiddos entertained, creating DIY wood signs and backyard games is a great way to personalize your outdoor space without breaking the bank! 

Backyard Games

Of course, everyone knows that backyard games can be a ton of fun during a barbecue, a family get-together, or even when you’re just spending time with friends in the backyard. Instead of going to the store to buy plastic, flimsy backyard game sets, come to Hammer and Stain to create your own wooden projects so your games withstand use, weather, and the test of time! 

Drink Trays and Tables

When you’re outside in the heat of summer, drinks are the main event! Whether you’re serving lemonade and iced tea to the little ones or keeping your favorite beers and seltzers on ice for the adults, DIY wood projects bring on a whole new level of fun in the sun! Paint a drink tray or ice bucket table at Hammer and Stain in one of our workshops! 

Backyard Tic-Tac-Toe

Customize game time with your friends and family while enjoying the beautiful weather of summertime with large, wooden tic-tac-toe! At Hammer and Stain, you can paint your own board and tiles for your game, so the customization options are endless! 

Point The Way To Fun

One of the best ways to customize your backyard summer decor is with a hand-painted sign that you made yourself! Join one of our workshops to follow along with a tutorial to create a DIY wood sign that you love, book a private party to get creating with your friends and family, or join us during an open paint session to ‘freestyle’ a sign that you love! 

Get started with summertime projects and DIY decor with Hammer and Stain! Learn more about our upcoming workshops, contact us to book a private party, or see when our next open paint is to come by and create your own project!