The Power of Positive Speaking

When you or someone you love is having a bad day, saying something nice can be a great way to turn it around. Whether it’s a little compliment or a heartfelt statement, saying something nice is always worthwhile. At Hammer and Stain, you can create DIY quote wood signs to say something positive either in your home, as a gift, or even to add to a workspace! 


Inspire Yourself

One of the best things about positive speaking is how inspirational it can be. Create a DIY quote wood board for your kitchen, at-home office space, family room, or really anywhere in your home and bring inspiration into your daily life. From boards with advice to boards featuring your favorite inspirational quote, you can bring inspiration to your everyday life with your creation!

Show Your Family The Love

Want to say ‘I love you’ to the people you love? Do it with a DIY quote wood board created at Hammer and Stain! Host a wood painting party with your family or friends and show them how much you love them with a hand-painted wood sign created by you! Share your loving message with the world and paint it on wood as your project.

Uplifting Gifting

Gifts with positive messages are a great way to share your appreciation, caring, and positivity with others in your life. Whether you’re creating a painted wood quote project for a friend, family member, or as a gift for a special occasion, sharing that positive message will feel wonderful for both you and the recipient! 

Good Vibes Only

Saying something positive helps to keep the ‘good vibes’ going, so why not make sure you’re always keeping the atmosphere positive in your home with positive messages? Come to Hammer and Stain for a wood painting party with friends, family, or even coworkers to create a fun, DIY quote wood sign that keeps your home’s ‘vibes’ positive!  

At Hammer and Stain, you can create something you love with a positive message on it to keep yourself inspired, show someone you love them, and so much more! Learn more about our workshops or book a party with friends and family today!