Wooden Bar Signs That Will Have You Saying “Cheers”

In any bar you go to, you’re sure to find signs that tout the drinks, the space, and the community as welcoming and enjoyable. Bar signs are a time-tested tradition that pull together a space, and if you have your own bar, whether in your basement, in your backyard, or even a bar cart, a bar sign is a great way to personalize your space to your liking! 

Basement “Man-Cave” Bar Signs

Whether your home has a basement bar designed for great times with the guys, or even just a section of the house designated for partying with your buds, a bar sign is a great way to accent the space and bring a bit of your own personality to the décor. If your friends also have their own ‘cave’ at home, why not book a private party at Hammer and Stain to each paint your own bar sign?

Personalized Coolers For Patio Time

If you’re bringing the party outdoors, it’s important to make sure that your drinks stay cool and refreshing! With projects from the Hammer and Stain workshop, you can personalize your very own wine box designed to keep your wine safe from the harsh rays of the sun so you’ll enjoy every last sip! 

Themed Spaces

Are you or your family members in love with something “nerdy”? Creating a customized bar sign featuring their favorite characters or a beloved quote from the media they love is a great way to bring personality and unique flair to your space. Whether you’re creating a magical-themed bar at home, or you’re decorating an area with everything you love, these are great projects for all ages!

Sporting Pride

When you’re a die-hard fan, you want to decorate your spaces with everything you love about your favorite team. Create a painted DIY wood sign with your favorite team’s logo, colors, and more to decorate your space and show off your true colors with style! Hammer and Stain has all kinds of project options to choose from, or create your own to represent your favorite teams!

Learn more about the workshops available from Hammer and Stain today and get started with your very own DIY wood sign! Your friends and family will love your new bar sign and will be impressed to know you made it yourself!